I Love Primal Defense Ultra – no matter what. I have tried many different probiotics and that’s the one that works for me. I take it every day and feel wonderful.
Brittany W

I never knew anything about bacillus type probiotics. I only ever used Lactobacillus and Bifidus strains. I also never knew that they were used so much in Europe. I like that I only have to take one per day and that I don’t need to keep them cold. I feel very well since I started using them.
Bill K

I started using Perfect Pass Prebiotics just a few weeks ago. I am sold. This is really the way to go. I can FEEL the difference.
Jennifer S

I am very excited to read about the Human Microbiome Project. It has made me re-think what I had thought was the way these probiotics are helping me. They still help me, but for another reason. I love that you educate your customers so well.
Cathy G

Thank you for always answering my questions. There are very few internet sites that have a real live person who answers the phone and a practitioner that calls you back with advice on what to take. I appreciate that immensely
Laura K

Thanks, Pamela … this is my third order with your company and I have always been pleased with my orders and your responses. It’s always good to do business with a company of integrity!

Have a great day.
Frank O

Thank you for the interesting monthly news in your e-zine. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the future. This is a valuable and honorable thing you do, helping people to help themselves take charge of their health, their very lives is truly miracle work. You have given me hope with my crohns where there was none. The info you provide has really turned my thinking around and I have brought some products that have effectively shutdown the crohns’ disease. I am currently enjoying the longest crohns free period in my life. Knowledge is power.
Thank you.
Simon T

I really benefited from signing up for the emails on probiotics from your website. I learned so much. Now I know why I don’t miss a day taking my probiotics!
Staci M

I have used several different brands of probiotics that you have recommended. I was surprised to find, that each time I changed, I was able to reach a new level of wellness when it comes to my digestive problems. It gets better and better. I am sure that I am close to getting to a place where I will only take a maintenance dose daily. Thank you too for your email support. That has helped a whole bunch.
Barbara G

I am sold on Dr Ohhira’s OMX probiotics. I have tried many different kinds, the ones that you sell and ones that I have bought from other places. But, OMX from Dr Ohhira is the BEST. I tell all my friends about it. My kids love them too. They chew them asif they were candy. They even remind me if I forget to give it to them.
Gladys Z

I appreciate your professional expertise when it comes to help with digestive complaints. I was extremely nervous to cut down on the drugs that my medical doctor had given me to control my symptoms associated with IBS, and were not really giving me relief in the first place. But thanks to you, I have slowly weaned myself off ALL drugs and only taking probiotics, enzymes and glutathione now and I feel FINE.  Thank you Pam.
Lisa T

My kids have gone 2 winter seasons without getting sick. I thank you for that because I am sure it is because I started giving them Primal Defense Kids every day as well as essential fatty acids. Thanks for helping me help them!
Lauren B

I have had ulcerative colitis for 5 years now. The doctors kept giving me all sorts of drugs to fight my symptoms, including large doses of steroids. Nothing seemed to make much difference. Yet, they still continued to give me drugs that landed up having side effects that made me gain weight and feel awful. In desperation I called to speak to you. I must admit I wasn’t very confident when you suggested I take VSL#3 I had never heard of it. Then I was even more uncomfortable when you suggested that I take as many sachets per day that would alleviate my symptoms. But I did it! And now I am SO thankful that I did. My condition changed within 2 months of using VSL#3 and the other digestive supplements you suggested. I am truly grateful. Thank you Pamela.
Lillian L