Study on Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and Probiotics

Here’s an interesting study from Townsend Letter on Probiotic for Perennial Allergic Rhinitis. Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and Probiotics

Sixty-three children (between the ages of 7-12 years) took part in the study with moderate to-severe perennial allergic rhinitis. They were randomly assigned to receive, in open-label fashion, levocetirizine (an antihistamine) with or without (control) Lactobacillus johnsonii EM1 (1010 colony-forming units per day) for 12 weeks, and then the alternate treatment for an additional 12 weeks. All study medication was taken once a day at bedtime.

During the first 12-week period, the mean total symptom score improved significantly in both groups at 4, 8, and 12 weeks. The degree of improvement was significantly greater in the probiotics group than in the control group at week 4 (p = 0.014), week 8 (p = 0.011), and week 12 (p < 0.01). During the second 12-week period, the group crossed over to probiotics showed continual and progressive improvement, while the other group did not.

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