Probiotics decreased atopic sensitization risk

After reading this recent study in Pediatrics, I want to share with you how important Probiotics are in adults & children.

According to recent study findings
, probiotic administration prenatally and/or early in life reduced the risk for atopic sensitization and the total immunoglobulin E level in children.Probiotics decreased atopic sensitization risk

Researchers wrote, “We found that the administration of probiotics in early life may reduce total IgE and protect against atopic sensitization but does not appear to protect against asthma and wheeze. Therefore, carefully selected probiotics administered during pregnancy and early infancy may have a role in the primary prevention of atopic diseases,  particularly in high-risk infants. Future trials should consider specific strains of probiotics, longer follow-up times, and perhaps association with oligosaccharides, particularly when assessing the effects of probiotics in the reduction of risk of asthma and wheeze later in life.”

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