Probiotic Chocolate Now Available

There is a new kind of chocolate. This is chocolate with a difference. This is chocolate  full of probiotics.  It tastes like regular chocolate. Kids and adults don’t even know that they are eating chocolates filled with probiotics.

Probiotics..Hype or Help?

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Shek-Har Challa says he considers probiotics to be the new vitamin because the global market for probiotics is anticipated to reach more than $32 billion by the year 2014.

He says that 30 years ago we used to take vitamins only if we needed them. Now, we take vitamins because they help us with so many different conditions, and that’s where he thinks will happen as well with probiotics.

We know that there are literally trillions of strains of probiotics, and research shows the benefits of many go way beyond digestive health issues. For instance, Dr. Challa said that we know that probiotics decrease the incidence of colds, women’s health, decreased urinary tract infection, allergies, eczema, and weight loss.


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